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  • RE: What is the correct data type for text

    If you need to store very large texts into a database you can use a binary or varbinary

    column and cast your text from varchar to binary to insert or update...

  • RE: Copying data using DTS

    The easiest way still to perform a dump to a file, transfer the file and perform a manual restore with QA (to specify other file locations, ...)

    This always work.

  • RE: Pumping data to Text Files

    Use Dynamic properties, OLE_DB , Datasource

    select 'QUERY' and type this select

    select '\\Server\Directory\Subdirectory\FILENAME'+(convert (char(6),(SELECT GETDATE()),12))+'.txt'

  • RE: Connecting SQL Server to ORACLE Views

    Thanks for all.

    The problem was that the driver for Oracle was named MSDAORA.1 on windowsXP while it was MSDAORA on windows2000 ...

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)