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  • RE: Maintenance Plan

    10% is about the ballpark figure to get you started. You can find some scripts around that give you statistics to monitor the performance.

    I did the same in respect of...

  • RE: how to get inserted records on the basis of inserted dates

    I am pretty certain this is impossible. If anyone does know I would love to find out.

    If it is just newly inserted records you are looking for you will need...

  • RE: Maintenance Plan

    I generally split the maintenance plan into separate jobs. As for settings you will really need to check BOL to see what is appropriate for your system. The plan I...

  • RE: SQLServer 2000 and MSAccess 2000.

    There are no restrictions connecting to sql server from ms access apart from the sql server limitations itself.

    I have maintained MS Access applications linked to sql server with each user...

  • RE: Date Search

    This is accurate but takes a little longer to process. I use this in Business Objects so that the user does not have enter 00:00:00 23:59:59 in the query prompt.


Viewing 5 posts - 601 through 605 (of 605 total)