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  • RE: TOP create syntax error

    8.00.194 RTM

     was the result

  • RE: TOP create syntax error

    Well that does work.  But, what I was tryig to do was something like this

    create my_view


    select top 100 percent *

    from my_table

    order by column1

    This way view is pre sorted, since...

  • RE: TOP create syntax error

    tried it with the order by ..still get the error.

  • RE: TOP create syntax error

    Interesting enough I just refreshed my test server from a backup from production yesterday.  And it fails on both servers.

    Mind you, the only reason I even came across this was...

  • RE: TOP create syntax error

    So, that seems to eliminate the level as being suspect.


  • RE: TOP create syntax error

    That was the first thing checked but, not the cause of the issue.

    I have my data center guys scrating thier heads over this one.



  • RE: TOP create syntax error

    No just like that.   I first tried to add it toa view so that I could put in an ORDER BY.  Then just tried a general select statement. As the...

  • RE: TOP create syntax error

    No I checked that, and its the same


  • RE: Can I count the number of times a SELECT occurs on a table?

    I went down the same path and also did not come across any software or canned process to log table \ view access via a 'SELECT'.

    What worked best is to...

  • RE: Reporting solution without the reports?!

    I support a SQL datawarehouse with similar requests.  I do have a PowerBuilder front end that allows end users to run queries and export to execl.  However, the more advanced power users extract...

  • RE: Changing server collation


    I have the same issue with one of my servers.  The original use of the server was to host a datawarehouse generated from our mainframe.

    However, overtime I've been asked to...

  • RE: Case Sensitive

    What is the server default collation and what is the database in question collation?


    Agreed, if Transformations are required then use DTS.  Otherwise you would have to use first load to one table then run another script to move and or transform data to...

  • RE: connection to a database

    You have two other options.

    1) run profiler and capture the results to a table.  issue here is that you can not append the data.  So you need two tables. one...

  • RE: Widest table

    I currently have a table with 224 columns.  It is a copy of an old mainframe customer file.  Performance is not an issue.  But that's becuase most of the columns...

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