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  • RE: Strings and Defaults

    I think I chose the right answer and still got it wrong. Is there a way I can confirm which answer I chose?

    Thank you,


  • RE: Multiple Inserts

    I agree with cengland0 about portability. You never know where your code will end up running, even if it is a secured ("closed"?) environment. As a former Tech Support Analyst,...


    I would probably spend all the lottery money in my own real estate business, and make it grow and live out of its profits. I would keep working in my...

  • RE: Christmas Fun

    [font="Courier New"]


    As far as I understood, the layout of the reindeer pulling the sleigh was something like this:




    Not sure about the order of the first 8 reindeer, but...

  • RE: Not having TDE in all editions is stupid

    I completely agree with this point. All data is valuable, from huge corporations' to personal, and therefore losing it to the wrong hands unencrypted is not acceptable. Does Microsoft care...

  • RE: Variant order 1


    In the e-mail newsletter the QotD did not state it was for SQL Server 2008 and later, so I tested under SQL Server 2005 (the only version I...

Viewing 6 posts - 301 through 306 (of 306 total)