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  • RE: Joining with large table

    Amy.G (4/8/2013)

    Ok I was assuming the data was already in two tables that could be indexed. My bad!!!

    Oops, I think I misunderstood something. The data are in two separate tables...

  • RE: Statistics still exist after dropping it

    EasyBoy (4/5/2013)

    I have dropped the statistics using script

    drop statistics table_name.statistics_name.

    And check again using

    sp_helpstats table_name.

    Anyway this problem has been resolved.

    Thanks for your time.

    Wait! What? LOL, what was the...

  • RE: Data Compression in SQL Server: Shubham Saxena

    shubham.saxena67 (4/2/2013)

    I Want to store image as in image datatype with compression of byte using a function

    like fn_compress(@imagebyte image) also need to decompress the same.

    could you help me to...

  • RE: How to preserve global temporary table data

    rajarshi_ghosh_05 (4/2/2013)

    Guys, No luck. DBAs are not going to give me the permission to create table in tempdb so I come up with an idea to put both updlock and...

  • RE: get the first and last day of any Year/Month

    Jeff Moden (3/1/2013)That's why I almost always expect the code to be used on a huge number of rows. There are a whole lot of developers that don't know...

  • RE: Database to Database Connection - Unsecure?

    amy26 (2/26/2013)

    No they are not on the same network and there is no VPN. When you say get a "secure link between the 2" what are you referring to?


  • RE: Cannot create a row of size XXXX which is greater than the allowable maximum row size of 8060

    Without knowing the specifications of this design, the moment I see columns numbered numerically, I cringe. Then I cry. This design pattern usually indicates a bad design.

    I would...

  • RE: Database to Database Connection - Unsecure?

    Is the physical network layer between the 2 agencies private? Is it a VPN, or some tunnel variant?

    If so, then the encryption layer/privacy layer is in place and I...

  • RE: Where to push-pin the object explorer?

    I prefer mine undocked. With dual screen, I keep my SSMS in the right screen, email in the left (or Visual Studio) and keep the OE undocked in the...

  • RE: TSQL Optimization - CASTing and CURSOR

    Jay-246689 (2/20/2013)


    Is CASTing cost an additional overhead to the query? I need to optimize our database initialization and i reviewing some of the sql scripts and found out that there...

  • RE: Best way to store data in table

    vchauhan_me (2/21/2013)

    Thanks for the reply from all of you, but i need the specific reason why separate rows (70,000 rows) are more preferable to store in DB in place...

  • RE: Function with 200+ IF statements!

    I whipped this up quick, and looking at it you would probably want to combine all the EXACTSinto one UNION etc... but I broke them out so you can see...

  • RE: Function with 200+ IF statements!

    I would have used a multi step UNION, with one of the columns returned the rank value you need. That would be more optimal than the UDF. I...

  • RE: Last Sunday of a month in sql

    Saw this snippet somewhere and thought it was a good solution:


    SET @Year =2012

    SELECT months,MAX(dates) AS DT_MONTH


    DATEADD(DAY, number-1, DATEADD(YEAR,...

  • RE: how to count in sql?

    asco5 (2/8/2013)

    hi i tried first one

    select top 100 cause i need only the 100 first people who have the most entry

    so i did

    select top 100 ID,

    count (*)

    from [database].


    group by...

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 121 total)