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  • RE: SSIS package scheduling errors out

    There are two things you should do.

    To get rid of Class not registered issue, install the 32 bit version of SSIS on the server.

    To get rid of the other OLE...

  • RE: Finding next or previous nth business day excluding weekends

    Thanks for this. smart programming.

  • RE: Remove a Filegroup

    do you have partitioned tables in the database?

  • RE: Remove a Filegroup

    I think I had the same issue. I was able to remove all the file groups using the method i explained but one.

    Ty this query. Replace the FileGroup0 with your...

  • RE: Remove a Filegroup

    This is a bug with SQL server. HEre is the workaround.

    1. Add another file to the same file group




    NAME = Data_File_Name,


  • RE: New Column Updates

    GSquared (4/7/2008)

    I have to agree with SDM. Just because, in general, a clustered index on an alpha field (char, nchar, varchar, nvarchar) is usually a bad idea, doesn't mean...

  • RE: Security problems with Bulk insert

    This is what you have to do.

    1) Grant "Trusted for Delegation" to your SQL server's service account (NT account)

    2) Add an SPN to your SQL Server using Setspn -A command


  • RE: New Column Updates

    OK, firstly sorry if my writing is bit confusing. i'll try to clear it up with this explanation.

    My first example which updates the newzip column, is actually to demonstrate the...

  • RE: New Column Updates

    Yes, I agree with you guys. the Design is crap here, but my solution is for people who cannot change the whole design to add a new column to a...

  • RE: New Column Updates

    Remeber very carefully. Don't ever set a default value when you add a new column to a table with such a large number of rows. Becasue it is no different...

  • RE: Security problems with Bulk insert

    Try adding "Trust for delegation" to your Windows user account if you got this error in SQL 2005.


  • RE: Registering Extended SPs in SQL 2005

    My SQL 2000 is not 64 bit but it was running on 64 bit OS. I haven't done anything to the dll.

    I think my dll is compatible with 64bit OS...

  • RE: Database Snapshots in SQL Server 2005

    sp_helpdb shows you the maximum size of the file not the size actually used by the data in the files.

    To find out the actual size of a sparse file

    To learn...

  • RE: Database Snapshots in SQL Server 2005

    Snapshot database and Snapshot backups are two things.

    Snapshot database is always <= Original database becasue it only contains the changed data.

    Snapshot backup is more complex subject not direclty relevant to...

  • RE: Database Snapshots in SQL Server 2005

    Hi, how does the unchanged data is accessed from the snapshot? are they accessed directly from the Source database? if so woudn't that be a problem for the source database...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 64 total)