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  • RE: Querying time values spanning 2 days

    All your problems stem from using the wrong unit of measure (day).  Radically simplify the solution by defining a "relative" work week for each shift.  Create a table with the following...

  • RE: Using a SP to Round in 1,3 and 10 minute increments of an hour

    The best programmers use almost no variables.  I think it can be simplified down to something like this:


     @minutes int,

     @incr int

    set @minutes = 29

    set @incr = 10 --1,3,10

    select round(((@minutes / @incr)...

  • RE: Table aliases

    After decades of maintaining stored procedures, I have evolved into always using aliases for less typing and higher maintainability and readability and faster, easier editing.  Since foreign key columns virtually always match the primary...

Viewing 3 posts - 421 through 423 (of 423 total)