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  • Great Article. I really enjoy reading this.

    Many thanks for thinking 'SELECT *'. I agree that Select * now means bring me everything.

    Kind Regards,

    Kindest Regards,

    Pinal Dave

  • what about querying attributes?

  • Yes, you can also query attributes.


  • can you show an example of querying attributes please?

    thanks in advance

  • Here is a simple example:

    DECLARE @xml XML

    SELECT @xml = '<employee name="jacob"/>'

    SELECT * FROM XMLTable(@xml)

    WHERE NodeType = 'attribute'


  • Thank you! very useful!

  • Excellent - I can see this being very useful.

    There's a couple of typos in the function definition if your server happens to be case sensitive.

    Line 087 p.position should be p.Position

    Line 166 XmlData should be XMLData

  • Thanks, Fixed both places.


  • Fast work - thanks!

  • This is awesome work! We have a production system using a custom form XML structure and this will be tremendously helpful. Thanks!

  • Very nice! I tucked this one away for later, Thank You.

  • Sebastian,

    This is very powerful stuff!

    Very nice to be able to automatically produce XQuery paths statements.


  • Excellent!

  • One potential problem and improvement that could be made to the function.

    Support for namespaces?

    For example:


    SELECT @x = '

    <BulkDealComponentInsert xmlns="http://www.mycomp.com/lbg.paris.load.bulkdealcomponentinsert.xsd" RequestId="150134" BatchNum="25">

    <Deal DealCode="2862868LN|SWAPTION" DealVersion="10">














    <Component ComponentCode="Deal.Level">







    SELECT @x.value('BulkDealComponentInsert[1]/Deal[1]/OrgCode[1]', 'varchar(100)') AS OrgCode

    Returns NULL.


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