What is ChatGPT – Is it the rise of the Skynet era?

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    Your post actually sounds like it was created by ChatGPT. 😀  And then we see the SPAM link that you included. 😀  So that others may learn, here's the text from that SPAM with the SPAM link removed so that you can see what a place AI is making even forums.

    ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool powered by AI technology that enables you to have human-like discussions with a chatbot and much more. The language model can answer queries and help you with tasks like email, essay writing, and coding. While ChatGPT is in the research and feedback-collection phase, usage is now free to the public. ChatGPT Plus, a premium membership version, became available on February 1.

    Being a programmer in ai SPAM LINK REMOVED space,  was fortunate to understand the pulse in the technology sector. I believe ChatGPT is going to change the way humans interact with the machines.


    From a different post that I just posted to but still appropriate...

    I agree that ChatGTP operates from a "consensus of opinion that exists in the internet".  While I'm equally impressed as Eric, that means that it's frequently seriously incorrect, just like the opinions rendered by the general public.

    My biggest concern is that, unlike a Google or other search engine inquiry, it produces basically one "opinion" of it's own and it currently expresses that opinion in an overconfident manner, just like humans do on the internet.  At least with an internet search, you can see more than one "opinion" to make the user ask "Is this actually correct"?

    As for "helper speed", if you want anything close to what you need insofar as naming and data-typing goes, then, as Eric points out, you have to provide it with such information.  I found that it's faster just to write the code than to ask ChatGTP.

    Still, many will use it for such things.  I think that's to their detriment but it will improve their "Copy'n'Paste" skills and provide a good uptick on forum questions that follow the basic pattern of "This code produces the following error/incorrect values.. what am I doing wrong".

    --Jeff Moden

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