Updating Rows in Incremental Loads – Level 4 of the Stairway to Integration Services Services

  • I finally got it to work. I was having issue with the data type and also the order of the parameters selected had to match what I was having modified into the database.

    Thanks again for the wonderful guide lines.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am a beginner in SSIS and was following the tutorial to learn and got stuck at one step.

    In the Advanced Editor for OLEDB Command while column mapping, there are no columns like param_0,1,2,3.

    Don't know what I did wrong. Can someone help me.


  • Hey guys,

    can you give me any hint how to implement the delete function in the same dataflow?

    Thanks in advance!

    Kinde regards Tom

  • DOH!! Never mind...

    If the MiddleName is NULL in both records, it hasn't changed, and we don't need to update that record.


    I'm unclear about how the Isnull formula applies in the following expression:

    FirstName != LkUp_FirstName) || ((ISNULL(MiddleName) ? “Humperdinck” : MiddleName) != (ISNULL(LkUp_MiddleName) ? “Humperdinck” : LkUp_MiddleName)) || (LastName != LkUp_LastName)

    I understand the need to "capture" NULLs, but in looking at the above expression, I'm thinking in terms of a record where the middle name is NULL in both the source and destination tables. In this case, I would think that the following results would be generated for the MiddleName ad LkUp_MiddleName values where the Middle Name is in fact Null in both tables:

    (ISNULL(MiddleName) ? “Humperdinck” : MiddleName) => “Humperdinck”

    (ISNULL(LkUp_MiddleName) ? “Humperdinck” : LkUp_MiddleName) => “Humperdinck”

    And if that's correct, then the result of the comparison operator would be:

    “Humperdinck” != “Humperdinck” => FALSE

    So, assuming that FirstName and LastName have not been updated, you would get FALSE for all three comparisons, which would of course be a FALSE for the final condition result, and the Lookup Match Output would not include this row, since there are no matches.

    That said, it's obvious from the following image that the comparison does work, so can you help me understand what I'm missing?


  • After looking at this topic I remembered my initial days of MSBI career (~ 8 yrs ago) where I have got a task to handle incremental loads. Such a detailed explanation doesn't only solve the problem but it builds confidence in both developer and his ability in tool. Thanks a ton Andy!

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