Too Good to be True? The Story Behind SQL Search

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    chrism-787002 (2/3/2010)

    ... Dashboards impress me. Give me tools that can reveal a lot of interconnected information about performance. That's the kind of tool that I can do with scripts but is harder to implement. ...

    I think SQL Server 2010 (or maybe it was 2008 R2) is going to support something like that, but with the ability to monitor multiple servers simultaneously.

    I would imagine that you could build a pretty cool report/dashboard with SSRS to give you what you're looking for. Something to monitor an entire network on a single dashboard with the ability to drilldown into stats for each server. That would be pretty cool! 😎 Especially if it could send alerts & respond proactively based upon customizable rules. Similar to a maintenance plan, only with a simpler interface to manage multiple SQL Servers across the network. That would probably need to be done with a dedicated tool though.

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