Spatial Data Types

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    Jan Van der Eecken (10/26/2011)

    WILLIAM MITCHELL (10/26/2011)

    Jan Van der Eecken (10/26/2011)

    WILLIAM MITCHELL (10/26/2011)

    #1 says "UDT" but the reference says "implemented as a .NET common language runtime (CLR) data type in SQL Server." what am I missing?

    UDT stands for User Defined Type, so they are implemented as .NET CLR types, unless you also count those UDTs that weren't really UDTs in earlier versions of SQL. Those were really just synonyms for existing SQL data types.

    Yes, UDT means user defined. But the two types are not user defined, so #1 is wrong, isn't it??

    OK, I see where you got confused. Or was that me? Apologies.

    Sorry Guys, I was away for my much awaited vacation to my native place this Deewali ( a festival of light).

    Please refer this for CLR UDT :

    CLR UDT or CLR Data Type is the same thing.

    I prefer to call CLR UDT.

    Hope this helps,:-)


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