Single sql column defined as 2 separate indexes-unique and non unique?

  • Thanks Gail. If anyone else is reading this and is struggling with it as much as I was, here's a full discussion:


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    opc.three (8/22/2012)

    Is this to say that in a not unique index that SQL Server will attempt to insert new index entries with an existing index key in the order of the clustered index?

    I think the entries would be inserted in the (logical) order of the non-clustered key, with the clustering key acting as a tie-breaker.

    This lead-in plus the article by Kim Tripp you posted was just what the doctor ordered, thanks. As suspected it appears that the additional consideration for sorting by the clustering key in a non-unique index'es (learned it is stored in non leaf-level pages for navigation) only bolsters the idea that we should pick an ever-increasing clustering key.

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