Select vs Set Local Variable

  • Mohit Dhiman (7/14/2016)

    Sean Lange (7/13/2016)

    Mohit Dhiman (7/13/2016)

    Even with the primary clustered key, are we sure here that the select always returns 2 at the last?

    Wonder why they always used to tell us there is no guaranteed order in a SELECT query unless explicitly specified by an ORDER BY..

    Because without an ORDER BY there is not guarantee of the order. It will usually return them in the order of the clustered index....up to a point. And with no order by on a query with more then 1 table what would be the "default" order?

    Here is an excellent article about the default order of rows.[/url]

    That's what I am saying and i believe has been already agreed enough on this thread : there's no guarantee that 2 would be returned at last each time we run the select without an ORDER BY. (although, with this small set most of the times it would)

    With only 3 rows I don't think you could get it to return anything else no matter how many times you run the query. With the way the query engine works today it will return those 3 rows in the order of the clustered index. I would of course not recommend counting on that in a production situation.


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