SELECT (Transact-SQL)

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    An easy basic question! Thanks!

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    Lokesh Vij (10/25/2012)

    demonfox (10/25/2012)

    I found the glitch ..

    nice question...


    A trick to catch the glitch.

    1) Use SSMS, go to "Query" and select "IntelliSense Enabled"

    2) Copy paste the code

    3) the syntax error in the query (with error) will be highlighted with zig-zag red line πŸ™‚

    Check the attached image.

    Thanks to all!

    Ps: donΒ΄t "copy paste the code", ok ?


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    Thanks for the question. A basic but clear one. Just right for a Friday. More?

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    Thanks. I needed an easy one for Friday. Confused me for a second with having 5 possible answers and showing only 4 examples but was awake enough to get it right.

  • Dan Graveen

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    I learned something new today. I've always used the "=" or "AS" when doing column aliases. So when I looked through the choices on this question, "select Id, name name from Person" seemed like the obvious answer, but fortunately I still looked at the remaining choices, and the last one, while easy to overlook if you skimmed the questions would not work as the column source is always on the right side of the equals.

    I've been so used to using the AS or "=" I never thought you could omit them. πŸ™‚

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    Thanks, I needed an easy Friday question... the coffee machines are out of order today.

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    An easy, back to basics question.

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    If Microsoft ever decide to replace the T-SQL parser with a human, they won't choose me.

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    D'oh! Hit the wrong option...

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    nice easy one for a Friday. Thanks!

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    After I pulled the pencil from my eye and reformatted the question...easy to spot. :w00t:

    Aigle de Guerre!

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    nice and easy question to check the basics

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    Easy one... Thanks!

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    opps, i have selected wrong answer in hurry.

    Vinay Kumar
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