Saving Time with Proactive DBA Monitoring

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    Using the linked server concept, we also need to load the ole's in sql server to get the clients disk space data. using the power shell, its quite simple.

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    I read the article and it was very useful, some of the things like running queries accross multiple servers can now be done in SQL 2008 and some of the other tasks I could think of better ways to retrieve the information like disk space but for finding out Windows information I should think this is very useful, if I can't get our monitoring tool to pick up information from the event viewer I will look into this as a way of getting this.

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    I have done a similar thing with SSIS, you just need to add the new monitored instance into a table in your repository and ensure the account running the package has permission on the target Instances. I then have 3 packages, one that runs stat's daily, one that runs hourly and one that checks status, agent heart beat, PLE etc every 5 minutes. I then have a aspx page looking at the repository for status info and some reporting services reports pulling of trend graphs etc.

    I beleive i got the original SSIS packages from a feature on this site and modified it to add more metrics and update the code for SQL 2008 instances.

    Cheers, Paul

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