Remote Login errors

  • Is the distribution_admin has been grant to both of the server?

    I think the problem is because the distribution_admin user (default user for replication), doesn't have privilage to the replication

  • Yes I added distributor_agent on both servers and gave sysadmin role.

    I deleted all replications and started again from the beginning .. Now I am gettinf a new error, Snapshot agent is showing as running then after 10 min , it is failing with the error message

    " The agent is suspect. No response within last 10 minutes". Any idea why this is happening?

    could you please give me the step by step instructions for transactional replication. I am doing this for the first time.


  • Above error is fixed now. But log reader is failing again after some time. This step did not generate any output . When I right click and start agent it is running again but why is it failing otherwise?


    Any idea?

  • Hmm... I think this is because of the security agent...

    Okay, right click on the replication -> properties

    On the properties windows select the snapshots agent security, and filled with the right one (user id and password)

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