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    thisisfutile wrote:

    Hoo boy... This has the propensity to rival the robust rhetoric between bombastic blatherskites on bankers rounding or nulls.

    Well, you placed this poetic perfection like a placard to polarize the people.  XD

    Now that you've mentioned "the can", will you begin opening it by giving us the Cliff's Notes version?  I personally don't know what you're referring too.

    Heh... sure... no problem...

    First of all, I'm sometimes annoyingly self entertaining to myself.  I was doing the LMAO thing the whole time I was writing that because I remember back.  Back to what?

    I've found several things in (especially) SQL Server that people are more opinionated on than normal.  I've see several long threads about NULLs and whether or not they should exist or people that believe there should be different types of NULLS or what the true meaning of NULL is.

    I've also see two record-setting discussions on how to write code that does true bankers rounding and why it should or should not be used, etc, etc, ad infinitum.

    Leading/trailing commas, leading/trailing semi-colons (especially for CTEs), how to format code, what tab settings should be set at, whether case sensitive servers are good, bad, useful, or not... all sorts of stuff where, if you get the right mix of "bombastic blatherskites" and poke them hard enough to get into a "deep" conversation on whatever the subject and a bazillion related and unrelated side supporting subjects and observations and personal opinions and experiences are, the discussion can carry on at a feverish rate with highly contentious discord between everyone involved quite literally for days and sometimes weeks on end.

    I was thinking that the use of "Implicit Transactions" could be one of those subjects where the intelligence of the conversations goes straight to hell in a heartbeat and so had to say something about it ('cuz I really was laughing that hard) hopefully without goding anyone into taking a stand one way or the other.  I was just waiting for someone to "start" and thinking "Dear lord, please don't let anyone pick up on this" and really started the LMFAO thing.  The only cure was to write a brief bit 'bout it and then run away like some kid that just lit a firecracker in a cop's gunbelt. 😀 😀 😀

    --Jeff Moden

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    Jeff , you are anything but brief. keep it up

    and I have a migraine from trying to figure out that last message - yay, I get a day off - please post more (more days off) 🙂


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