Master Keys

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    thanks for the question - cheers

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    A great one before the coming long weekend - thanks!

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    Like the question!

    A real good one.

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    Great question. Like many others I didn't really know but made the right assumption.

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    Steve Cullen (5/25/2012)

    These sorts of questions always make me wonder if what I think I know is correct.

    Why would there more than one "master"? Seems like a simple question, but what if . . .

    Yea, me too. I did a bunch of research before answering as I was sure it was a trick question of some sort.

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    Nice question. I was pretty sure the answer was 1, even after reading this in Books Online:

    It is only necessary to create the master key once per database.

    I think that could be phrased a bit better.

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    Thank you all guys.

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    Nice one...



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    Thanks for the question.

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    Good straightforward question. Thanks for submitting.

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    Thanks for the question!

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    SQLRNNR (5/29/2012)

    Thanks for the question.

    I tried to create more than one but it is not possible, so i answered 1 and got it correct..

    Even after reading the reference , I'm unable to understand the real usage of this key.


    Can u pls xplain?


    Desire to learn new things..

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