Keyboard key to Toggle between query and results pane

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    Easy one to end the week with... Thanks, Hardik!

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    Nice one! Thanks.

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    Nice question, thanx! always liked those questions about using SSMS GUI.

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    crmitchell (5/30/2014)

    Strictly speaking f6 isn't a toggle

    It will cycle through all open panes not just those two and if you don't have the results pane visible it won't show it.

    You could argue that ctrl-R would better fit as an answer as that is a toggle and will show/hide the results pane.

    Yes. The way I have SSMS set up that means that (assuming I have run a query since opening SSMS and that no other query panes are open) by default it will circulate query-results-messages


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    easy one. thanks.

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