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    miapjp (8/6/2012)

    Hey GSquared (or anyone who knows the answer) - I have a question about the last line in your response. Do you mean I could get the wrong answers by casting the literal with the time value as a datetime and comparing it to the database data ? Would that be because the literal doesn't have the milliseconds part? (for the record, they're all "000" in the database (at this time, anyway!))

    By the way, a user contacted the software company, and they gave her instructions to rebuild an index - on a table that's not even in the query used by that function :w00t:



    Milliseconds being all 000 means that most likely the app software is sending down the times instead of the database setting datetimes via GETDATE(). That you're seeing a literal string means that most likely this is dynamic SQL being issued from the front end. Thus, they don't want to alter their software, they get cranky.

    I'd say they're using generic front SQL for any backend connection but the use of CONVERT like that pretty much blows that idea to pieces. They're being stubborn.

    Someone in your company got a contract with this vendor for their software. In that process, there's a salesman. That's who you need to get in touch with to end-run the first level of troubleshooters to actually discuss this problem with someone who isn't punching the clock for minimum wage. That level of indifference usually only occurs when that's happening and you can't communicate the actual problem correctly through the channels.

    Otherwise, you're basically hosed and you're starting to understand why many longer term professionals hate vendor-ware. You can't talk to anyone who can actually fix the problem, you're contracted out of being allowed to fix it yourself, and the mistakes are blatantly newb-ish and are hosing your system(s) up.

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