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    colin.Leversuch-Roberts (8/23/2011)

    with 200GB of memory I can't believe this is an x32 system?

    Where do you see that?

    Min and max memory only set the limits for the buffer cache, in Denali I beleive this will change, however there are several memory pools and such which also take memory.

    Most of those memory pools are part of the buffer pool and hence constrained by max server memory. It's the non-pages memory that's outside (backup buffers, linked server drivers, CLR, thread stacks, extended procedures, a few others)

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    No it dosent 32bit 64 bit



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    And thanks for your helppp

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    In our current system - we have 2 Sockets, 16 cores, 32 logical CPU. So, as i understand it is 2 cpu per core? And we are planning to buy sql standard licences for 8 core, i.e., 16 cpu. In this scenario, i want to restrict my sql server affinity and IO affinity values. How should i make my SQL server to use all 16 cpu for both CPU and IO activities (without decreasing the CPU count from vm)? I tried setting up CPU and IO affinity values, but i can choose only either of them for each CPU.

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