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    Igor Micev (9/26/2014)

    Iulian -207023 (9/26/2014)

    Igor Micev (9/26/2014)

    The question requires two options.

    Hi Igor, what options are you thinking to ?

    I see the questions as a chance to challenge various aspects of the product, an opportunity to learn, so what options are you thinking to and why ? please detail a little bit if you have a few moments.



    I meant for the 1. and 3. answer.

    I see

    For option 1 I understand the reason, it is in the article the question refers to.

    But option 3 I do not see the argument. Why ?

    I mean for option 3 the explanation I can think of, and which I wrote in the answer, is that the features are installed even if they are disabled and so the installation will not necessary be faster or slower, in my opinion.



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    Thank you for the question Iulian. Fortunately we have come a long way from default sa accounts with no password, rpc wide open, early WebDav and other such horrors, still think there is a long way to go though.


  • Hany Helmy


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    nenad-zivkovic (9/26/2014)

    Well, while I agree that security is most important reason, the other two options could be true as well.


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    Thanks for the question.

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