How to get at value?

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    oh happy day, I figured it out! My select statement all along has been;

    DBType = d.value('(rd:DBType)[1]','varchar(max)'),

    when it should have been;

    DbType = d.value('(rd:DbType)[1]','varchar(max)'),

    I now get 'String' for all but @Companies which has an (unspecified) data type. Can't believe I reviewed that code many times and did not see it.

    I did not replace 'SQLS' with 'sqls'; the report designer URL is stored by Microsoft as 'SQLServer', so it has never made sense to me that it needed to be changed to lowercase.

    thank you Brian, regards, beth

  • Mr. Brian Gale


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    Glad it works!

    Also, figured out why I needed it lowercase as I was confused on that too, it was just how it worked for me.  The URL in the XML needs to be the same case as the WITH XMLNAMESPACES section.  So for those who are looking at this later, if your XML has uppercase in it, the XMLNAMESPACES needs to use the same case.

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