How to configure sql server 2008 memory

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    Thanks for your help and advise.

    I got it. 🙂

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    Edwin (3/23/2009)

    Thanks for your help and advise.

    I got it. 🙂

    You may want to update also the Rights for INSTANT FILE INITIALIZATION now that you are at it 😉

    * Noel

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    sorry but new here...

    i have the same problem, added real ram but i still have the same out of memory problem

    i don't understand what i should do.

    where is the boot.ini located? (can't find it)

    can't understand where sould i do the sequence (use master.. go... etc.)

    can someone explain me exactly what to do to get advantage of new memorY?

    thnx for help.. i have a customer locked and this looks urgent to me

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    Please post new questions in a new thread, and give us as much information about the server and its config as possible, as well as the errors that you're getting.

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