Healthcare / Medical sample database?

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  • I have extensive experience in health care as well.  Experience directly in that field is in fact very useful.

    Obviously industry terms may be different and have different connotations in each industry.  For example, previous experience in mfg is useful so that you already know terms like WIP, BOM, BOL, FIFO, etc..

    For healthcare, terms such as HIPAA, COBRA, DME, etc..

    Also, data protection / sharing rules are much stricter than in other industries.

    If it involves human implants, even app code restrictions -- imposed by the FDA -- are very tight.  When code is changed related to implants, what and when must be documented, even for db code (unless the FDA has changed those rules).

    I'd say:

    (1) research the company you are applying at.  Get to know their terms and industry concerns as best you can before hand.  Bless the internet!

    (2) If you are using a headhunter, see if they can put in touch with someone who can help give you background into this area.

    I say it's better to make some effort yourself and show some knowledge -- as limited as it must of necessity be in such a short term -- rather than just saying, "Hey, you knew I didn't have experience, so don't expect me to know anything yet."

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