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    Thanks Steve, nice one! 😀

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    very good question..

    Thanks Steve..

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    Wonderful question. I have never worked on FTS. So in order to get the correct answer, I had to dig MS technet site and bingo. learned something new. 🙂

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    Very good question...We use FREETEXTTABLE instead of CONTAINSTABLE in our FTS table searches. Thought for sure that the 3 was characters and not words apart.

    I always learn more when I get it wrong.


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    Koen Verbeeck (7/25/2013)

    Great question. Never use full text search though, so definately learned something.


    Not all gray hairs are Dinosaurs!

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    easy one thank's

    the answer was THE only logical one

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    Got it wrong :hehe:, but no problem; definitely learnt something new.

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