Expert Systems – an SSRS Approach

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  • Very creative. I really like it.

    Tom Garth
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  • Not sure if it is just me but I had a completely different expectation of what an "Expert System" would be 🙂

    Nice story though.

    * Noel

  • This does not seem to be related to either SSRS or expert systems.

  • aeyates (6/22/2010)

    This does not seem to be related to either SSRS or expert systems.

    And here I thought it was an interesting use of SSRS to accomplish a basic (albeit very basic) Expert System.

    Haivng worked with ES's in the past and created some, I can see where this could easily be expanded to include a lot more capabilities. However, it is a really nice, simple starting point.

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  • Normally I would like to see this done in a web page on the comapy's intranet with the other info. However, if your company doesn't have one, as mine doesn't, then this is a good alternative.

    If your users are already used to using ssrs for other tasks then great job for keeping it in their comfort zone.

    I really like how you took advantage of the PDF ouput capability baked into ssrs.

    In a previous job where I was the DBA we had a Crystal Reports server and almost all of our central company data was accessed through reports. I created simple reports like this that handled the tasks very nicely in a format the users were used to.

    great job on keeping the user needs as the top priority. I've met too many IT workers who make it their job to offer incredibly thurough processes at the expense of usability. Many of them simply forget that one of their main responsibilities is digesting complex information into a format that their users (who are actually their customers) can use. My goal has always to help them actually enjoy their work.

    Here's a similar task that I'm setting up. We use ssrs for some of our state reporting. Due to problems with the data extract from one of our vendors we have internal "Pending Approval" reports. We first import the data, scrub and process it, view the pending approval reports and, if all looks good, move the data to the live tables. I have a set of ssis tasks that handle this but I'm not always available. So, instead I'm going to create a report for my co-worker (non-dba) that has a link that imports the data from a folder on the network. Once the import is processed it will give her the pending approval reports. The reports will contain a new link at the top that, when clicked, will be directed to a handler on our web server that will kick off the process to move the data to the live tables. Then it will forward her to the live reports.

    This will be great as she is extremely familiar with ssrs and I don't have to install ssms or teach her how to run ssis tasks.

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