Concurrent processing in SSIS – Part 2

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    Thanks Elliott - nice article.

    Jason...AKA CirqueDeSQLeil
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    There are many good information and details so I hope you will read care fully and take more information ...

    Cho Yung Tea

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  • Elliott Whitlow

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    Thanks Jason. I'm not sure what to think about the near lack of discussion on the first part and effectively no discussion on this part..

    I'd like to think it was THAT good, but I was thinking there would be more discussion..


  • Aaron-254516

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    Hi Elliott,

    The article was indeed THAT good. I found it a few months ago and have finally been able to implement it in a project that I have duplicate data flow tasks in.

    I've been trying to adapt my VS2013 SSIS project to the ParentSingleChildScriptMethod.dtsx. However it seems that using this method, the SingleChild.dtsx must be self contained. What I mean is that it can't use Project Connection Managers or Project Caches? The SingleChild.dtsx has to be able to function independently?

    Thanks for any comments or additional information,


  • DC_07

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    Regarding the example Parent Child Using script method
    How would you replace this code to call the child package inside the project (that willbe deployed to ssis catalog) rather than the file system like in the example

    'We have some work to do so we'll do it.
    _oInstance = New Instance(CInt(Dts.Variables("MaxWorkerThreads").Value), _
    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\DTS\Binn\", _

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