Backup questions for 612GB database!

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    GilaMonster (5/7/2014)

    humbleDBA (5/7/2014)

    but there are enough myths and misconceptions in the SQL Server community...with 'incremental' being one I've heard before (in relation to backups) and they are not, they are different-ial. 😛

    I'm not claiming that any backup tool calls a differential an incremental, I've never seen one that does that. I've seen ones which call *log* backups incremental. In some senses log backups do behave like incrementals, though they're not under the covers.

    Generally if I hear someone talking about incremental backups in SQL Server, I assume they're talking about log backups.


    Fair enough - as I've just re-read your comment again and can see you mention log...sometimes your brain says what it thinks your eyes should see rather than what they do see - plus I'm getting old 😛 - ...but I was reading the OP's original comments as 'differential' because of the OP's following comment suggesting taking a T-Log backup, at or around the time of the Full backup, to "...release space back to the log..."...

    humbleDBA (5/7/2014)


    Hyabusact (4/30/2014)

    ...The nightly backup is a full backup with transaction logs so that we release the space back to the log file. ...

    Are you saying here that you only back up the Trasaction Log once-a-day on or around the time you do a Full backup? As others have mentioned, Transaction Log are usually done at frequent intervals, allowing for reasonable point-in-time recovery and keeping the Transaction Log to a reasonable size, amongst a couple of other things.


    Which is why I was asking the question - because it wasn't necessarily clear to me.

    Guess it would depend on the OP clarifying what they believe they mean with the different parts.

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    I sure sparked a topic, I would like to say sorry but I loved every bit of "Back and forth" as I learned much from this.

    Thanks everyone who gave input.

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