An Overview of SSIS Variables – Step 13 of the Stairway to Integration Services

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    Andy Leonard, Chief Data Engineer, Enterprise Data & Analytics

  • It was a good post. Thank you. Sorry I meant to give it 5 starts but somehow it ends just one 🙁

  • Andy,

    I agree with you on the "scoping" of variables. Has anybody EVER come up with a good use case for the scope of variables? I think that MS would have been better off removing this "feature" altogether, although making project the default scope is a good start.

    Nice article.



  • Thanks Andy. A very nice post.

  • I am inexperienced with c#, I had to use the following in place of your example to get mine to work after editing script:


  • Nice article, Andy.

    I assume that you will be adding some parameters to your 'variables and parameters' package in a later article?

    Building variable expressions which use the values of parameters passed in from SSISDB environments is something I do all the time, and a useful technique, so I hope you will be covering that too.

    If you haven't even tried to resolve your issue, please don't expect the hard-working volunteers here to waste their time providing links to answers which you could easily have found yourself.

  • Excellent educational article, thank you.

  • +1 from me. Great article, cheers.


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