Advanced Event Behavior – Level 10 of the Stairway to Integration Services

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    Andy Leonard, Chief Data Engineer, Enterprise Data & Analytics

  • A bit confused, The code and listing associated with figure 19 is very different form the code that was perviously tested in the Script Task 4 OnError script task. Did I miss something?

  • A bit stuck here, I have added control to set the Propagate variable to false in the Script Task 4 Event handler, yet my error still propagates... Not sure what I missed.

  • Andy,

    Thank you so much for doing the SSIS Stairway. I recently started a new job and needed to come up to speed quickly.

    Your tutorials were just what I needed. I also found it very helpful that you recapped the previous lesson each time. It helped me double check that I had completed it correctly before moving on 🙂

  • I've been working through this in SSIS 2012 and came across a couple of things that might be helpful for anyone behind me:

    1. The Variables window no longer shows System variables, by default. There is a checkbox in Variable Grid Options to turn that back on, or you can drill down via Package Explorer to get to them.

    2. The ErrorCode in Listing 1 is now 6, not 8:

    If iErrorCode = 6 Then

    Dts.Variables("Propagate").Value = False


    Dts.Variables("Propagate").Value = True

    End If

    3. An external (file system-based) package should have ReferenceType = External Reference and Location = File system. Project Reference works if the package is already in your solution (i.e. visible in Solution Explorer) as in the example.

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