• I didn't know that you could license SQL Server to a person.  I thought there were only two licensing options.

    • CAL
    • Per processor

    In my case I deal exclusively with systems accessible via the web so only per processor applies to me.

    Most people don't give a pair of fetid dingos kidneys about licensing until FAST come knocking at their door.

    In Britain prosecution for licensing infringements takes place at the highest level and when someone at a high level gets crapped on they don't keep it to themselves.  A DBA will be high enough up the corporate food chain to be visible to this person.

    I don't know if Microsoft licensing is any less byzantine these days but I think everyone should be aware of licensing issues and the implications.

    I personally I wish I didn't have to bother with licensing as it means 3 weeks on a fish diet and wet towels round the head to understand it, but being in a position of responsibility I have to be aware of the consequences of unlicensed software.