• To use AWE memory, you must run the SQL Server 2000 database engine under a Windows 2000 account that has been assigned the Windows 2000 lock pages in memory privilege.

    To obtain the correct amount of SQL Server memory usage, you can use the Total Server Memory (KB) performance counter, activated through System Monitor, or select the memory usage from sysperfinfo.

    You may consider add the /3gb parameter to the boot.ini file. This allows user applications to address 3 GB of virtual memory and reserves 1 GB of virtual memory for the operating system. In your situation, your application (SQL Server) will be able to use up to 5 GB memory.

    The problem in your configuration is the 'max server memory (MB)', you allocated only 2200 MB to you SQL Server. You should allocate more memory that depends on whether this server is dedicated database server or some other applications also run in it.

    If it used by SQL Server alone, you can set ''max server memory (MB)' to maximum.