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    koti.raavi - Thursday, December 6, 2018 9:14 AM

    Hi ,
    In SQL DB-  We do have a column ID, which is more than 12 digits length (EX: 854597754782).
    Created process to export to csv file ( Delimited - ")  and it iscausing issue while opening in excel file - issue is number format (ID contains + Symbol 8545+54782).
    To handle this converted ID to varchar(100) and added CHAR(9) - it is displaying correctly in excel but end of ID some space is exists .
    Due to limitations we can't directly to csv, is there any way to handle this situation?

    Hope it is clear, if any questions please let me know


    Can you take Excel out of the equation (because it tends to mess with your data) and open the file in Notepad++ instead?

    Then do a View/Show Symbol/Show All Characters to see whether anything has been added.

    Also, why would you need to add a CHAR(9) to anything? Please provide more detail about that.

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