• Assuming you mean time as something like HH:MM:SS, this may work:

    DECLARE @seconds INT

    SELECT @seconds = 500

    SELECT RIGHT('00'+CAST(@seconds/3600 AS VARCHAR), 2) + ':' +

    RIGHT('00'+CAST(@seconds/60 AS VARCHAR), 2) + ':' +

    RIGHT('00''00'+CAST(@seconds % 60 AS VARCHAR) , 2) AS [HH:MM:SS]

    My mantra: No loops! No CURSORs! No RBAR! Hoo-uh![/I]

    My thought question: Have you ever been told that your query runs too fast?

    My advice:
    INDEXing a poor-performing query is like putting sugar on cat food. Yeah, it probably tastes better but are you sure you want to eat it?
    The path of least resistance can be a slippery slope. Take care that fixing your fixes of fixes doesn't snowball and end up costing you more than fixing the root cause would have in the first place.

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