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T-SQL Tuesday #121: Gifts received for this year


It’s T-SQL Tuesday time again! This edition is hosted by Malathi (blog|twitter) and the...

A gift. T-SQL Tuesday #121


My good friend Malathi Mahadevan (blog|twitter) is hosting T-SQL Tuesday this month and wants...

Distributing Jupyter Notebooks


If you’re working with the Microsoft Data Platform, you should be, at the least,...

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List of INDEX with create and DROP script should not include any constrains P/F

By DBA.k

Hello Sir.. Please help me the script.. From entire database i want List of...

is there any better way to export SQL server data into csv file?

By 892717952

I have  questions of exporting SQL server data, the details as below, thanks! how...

Uninstall SQL without uninstalling SSRS

By Brandie Tarvin

We have a non-prod server that (long ago) we installed SQL Server on and...

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