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Bash: ^^}: bad substitution – upgrade your bash version


This blog post is about a situation where you are capitalising an argument in...

Azure Platform Series “You have exceeded the maximum amount of scale changes within the past hour”


This blog post relates to where you might be doing scale operations of your...

Bash: “command not found” in IF statement


This blog post is about a situation where writing an IF THEN ELSE statement...

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Compare columns between 2 tables


Create TABLE #TableA ( TaskNameA nvarchar(100), GovernA bit, ToolTypeA nvarchar(10), ResourceNameA nvarchar(100) ) Create...

access registrykey from within SSRS report

By sccheng888

I am trying to the code function to determine if a particular application is...

Powershell script giving the error "The specified value 'Patch' is invalid."

By hurricaneDBA

I am trying to patch my SQL server with CU8 and GDR for SQL...

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