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PerfMon Error Expand / Collapse
Posted Monday, June 22, 2009 1:42 PM
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Perfmon is throwing me the next error:

The exception unknown software exception (0xc0000409) occurred in the application at location 0x74023581.

And I've realized that it only happens when I try to save the log file type as csv or tab delimited. Anyone has an idea why would this be?

The counters I’m using are:
LogicalDisk(C:)\Avg. Disk sec/Read
LogicalDisk(C:)\Avg. Disk sec/Write
LogicalDisk(C:)\Disk Transfers/sec
LogicalDisk(C:)\Free Megabytes
Memory\Available MBytes
Memory\Free System Page Table Entries
Memory\Pages Input/sec
Memory\Pool Nonpaged Bytes
Memory\Pool Paged Bytes
Memory\System Cache Resident Bytes
Network Interface(*)\Bytes Total/sec
Network Interface(*)\Current Bandwidth
Network Interface(*)\Output Queue Length
Paging File(\??\C:\pagefile.sys)\% Usage
Paging File(\??\C:\pagefile.sys)\% Usage Peak
PhysicalDisk(0 C:)\Avg. Disk sec/Read
PhysicalDisk(0 C:)\Avg. Disk sec/Write
Process(_Total)\% Processor Time
Process(_Total)\Handle Count
Process(_Total)\IO Data Operations/sec
Process(_Total)\IO Other Operations/sec
Process(_Total)\Private Bytes
Process(_Total)\Thread Count
Process(_Total)\Virtual Bytes
Process(_Total)\Working Set
Process(sqlservr)\% Privileged Time
Process(sqlservr)\% Processor Time
Processor(*)\% Interrupt Time
Processor(*)\% Privileged Time
Processor(*)\% Processor Time
SQLServer:Access Methods\Forwarded Records/sec
SQLServer:Access Methods\FreeSpace Scans/sec
SQLServer:Access Methods\Full Scans/sec
SQLServer:Access Methods\Index Searches/sec
SQLServer:Access Methods\Page Splits/sec
SQLServer:Access Methods\Scan Point Revalidations/sec
SQLServer:Access Methods\Workfiles Created/sec
SQLServer:Access Methods\Worktables Created/sec
SQLServer:Buffer Manager\Buffer cache hit ratio
SQLServer:Buffer Manager\Free list stalls/sec
SQLServer:Buffer Manager\Free pages
SQLServer:Buffer Manager\Lazy writes/sec
SQLServer:Buffer Manager\Page life expectancy
SQLServer:Buffer Manager\Page lookups/sec
SQLServer:Buffer Manager\Page Reads/sec
SQLServer:Buffer Manager\Page Writes/sec
SQLServer:General Statistics\Logins/sec
SQLServer:General Statistics\Logouts/sec
SQLServer:General Statistics\User Connections
SQLServer:Latches\Latch Waits/sec
SQLServer:Latches\Total Latch Wait Time (ms)
SQLServer:Locks(*)\Lock Requests/sec
SQLServer:Locks(*)\Lock Wait Time (ms)
SQLServer:Locks(*)\Lock Waits/sec
SQLServer:Locks(*)\Number of Deadlocks/sec
SQLServer:Memory Manager\Memory Grants Pending
SQLServer:Memory Manager\Target Server Memory(KB)
SQLServer:Memory Manager\Total Server Memory (KB)
SQLServer:SQL Statistics\Batch Requests/sec
SQLServer:SQL Statistics\SQL Compilations/sec
SQLServer:SQL Statistics\SQL Re-Compilations/sec
System\Context Switches/sec
System\Processor Queue Length

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Posted Friday, June 26, 2009 8:37 AM


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I just created a logged csv file for these counters and had no problems. Have you tried this on another machine?

Raymond Laubert
Exceptional DBA of 2009 Finalist
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Posted Friday, June 26, 2009 8:42 AM
Valued Member

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Group: General Forum Members
Last Login: 2 days ago @ 5:57 AM
Points: 73, Visits: 276
I did tried it on another pc but had the same problem. Anyway it works if I use the .blg format and then all I do is to convert the file from a .blg to a .csv with a command.

But still I wander why it happens.
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