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Memory Management problem Expand / Collapse
Posted Sunday, March 23, 2008 6:47 PM


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I have a table that has an image data type. Whenever I try to insert data into that column (pdf files) using ADO Objects, it works OK for smaller files (upto 5 MB). Once the file gets bigger than 5900 KB, the insert returns with an error (Insufficient Memory Available). When I ran a trace on the Insert to see the exact error. Following are the trace data:

2008-03-23 19:44:04.53 spid84 WARNING: Failed to reserve contiguous memory of Size= 19398656.

2008-03-23 19:44:04.53 spid84 Buffer Distribution: Stolen=6988 Free=2 Procedures=3294
Inram=0 Dirty=4161 Kept=0
I/O=0, Latched=111, Other=193300

2008-03-23 19:44:04.53 spid84 Buffer Counts: Commited=207856 Target=207856 Hashed=197572
InternalReservation=621 ExternalReservation=0 Min Free=128 Visible= 207856

2008-03-23 19:44:04.53 spid84 Procedure Cache: TotalProcs=1346 TotalPages=3294 InUsePages=1994

2008-03-23 19:44:04.53 spid84 Dynamic Memory Manager: Stolen=10279 OS Reserved=1056
OS Committed=1034
OS In Use=1025
Query Plan=3250 Optimizer=0
Utilities=142 Connection=5155

2008-03-23 19:44:04.53 spid84 Global Memory Objects: Resource=1151 Locks=56
SQLCache=445 Replication=52
LockBytes=2 ServerGlobal=848

2008-03-23 19:44:04.53 spid84 Query Memory Manager: Grants=0 Waiting=0 Maximum=149464 Available=149464

2008-03-23 19:44:04.54 spid84 Error: 17803, Severity: 20, State: 12
2008-03-23 19:44:04.54 spid84 Insufficient memory available..

Can anybody advice me with appropriate memory setting so that the code starts working. This same piece of code works fine on some other server with exact same physical configuration
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Posted Monday, March 24, 2008 9:58 AM



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search for this

Error 17803 Insufficient memory available sql server 2000

and you can find numerous causes for this. See if any match your situation.

Also, perhaps you can just add more memory to the server?

not sure but memtoleave could also be culprit.

need more information about server and sql server config to provide more advice.


Kevin G. Boles
SQL Server Consultant
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TheSQLGuru at GMail
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Posted Monday, March 24, 2008 10:09 AM
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Please compare the size of the row (one record in the table)and also for the limit of the datatype that has been specified to store the files.

The extents and size should be multiple of the block size of the operating system file.
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