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Programmer/Analyst Sacramento, CA

Programmer/Analyst Sacramento, CA

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We are a small shop that supports Finance and Decision Support at the Sutter Medical Foundation, an affiliate of Sutter Health. We are looking for a C#/ASP.NET programmer who can help us build intranet apps and can also maintain legacy VB6 LOB apps. We do our own SQL Server admin, so that would be very helpful as well. We also maintain a datamart. We have two SQL Server 2000 servers and one SQL Server 2005 server (so far). Folks with a finance or healthcare background are especially welcome to apply because sometimes I have no idea what these people are talking about! . If you're interested, send me a resume or any questions to goodideadave at my hotmail account.

Here's the official posting:

The candidate should have a Bachelor's Degree in MIS, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, or equivalent education and experience in a related field. Ability to develop custom applications, professional user interfaces thru various programming methods, data warehousing solutions, data translation/manipulation, and reporting processes.

Two years experience in database development and management within a Microsoft Windows Server/SQL Server Environment with DBA and data warehousing experience preferred. This should include all aspects of data extraction and transformations across multiple hardware platforms, SQL server tuning and maintenance, understanding of data warehousing practices including star schema and relational table replication. Two years experience Report Writing utilizing Crystal Reports (version 9+), SQL Server Reporting Services, or similar reporting tools. Demonstrated experience programming in C#, Visual Basic (VB6), VB.Net, ASP.Net or similar object oriented languages to develop and maintain custom applications. Emphasis on web based user interfaces. Successful candidates will manage projects though all phases of the software development life cycle methodology.
Experience in a client/server environment for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 / 2005 and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 as well as integrating solutions with Microsoft Windows OS, MS Office suites, or custom applications.
Knowledge in Managed Health Care Delivery Systems preferred.

Successful candidates should have excellent verbal and written skills, analytical and problem solving skills, the ability to develop technical documentation, work well in a team environment as well as independently. Candidate must be highly motivated, organized and able to prioritize multiple projects to meet established timelines. Candidate should be able to develop creative and imaginative solutions with an emphasis on reliability and possess a customer service orientation with a user friendly approach to program design.

There is no "i" in team, but idiot has two.


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