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Exciting Times

Exciting Times

Steve Jones
Steve Jones
SSC Guru
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For a SQL Server DBA this is an exciting time. SQL Server 2000 is very mature and works wonderfully in many environments. I would even consider it the equal in many places and applications to Oracle and DB/2 on the Windows platform.

In line with that, the next version of SQL Server, due out in November, includes many new features and enhancements that will allow it to jump beyond DB/2, Oracle, and MySQL in many ways. The ease of use for the DBA and increased power are once again a leap far beyond the previous versions. It's probably a bigger jump than from v6.5 to v7.0.

And that means that it will require more training and effort from each one of you to get familiar with and be very comfortable with this new product. So now is the time to start. Even if you are not planning on upgrading until 2007, you might need the entire next year to get familiar with, plan, and test your upgrade. Or re-factor some of your applications to work with this new product.

We've got some interesting news to announce today, but because of NDA, we have to wait until the official announcement from Microsoft at 9:00am PST. So the stuff is loaded, but protected and hidden until after that time. Once the clock strikes it will be out there, along with similar pieces from many other sites. We're hoping you'll bookmark the link or jump back sometime later this morning and take a look at SQLServerCentral.com.

The PDC also kicked off yesterday with Bill Gates' keynote and some interesting Office announcements, including the removal of traditional menus. That was interesting. There was also the promise of a late 2006 release of Windows Vista and the first CTP for this as well.

Come to the PASS Summit in two weeks and we'll talk about it there. Be sure to use the "SSC" source code and attend our casino party.

Steve Jones

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