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SQL DBA in Rockford, IL - Permanent, Work remotely 3 days a week

SQL DBA in Rockford, IL - Permanent, Work remotely 3 days a week

Joshua M Perry
Joshua M Perry
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SQL Database Administrator - Rockford, IL

This position offers the opportunity to work remotely from home 3 days per week.

Job Summary
Responsible for building, managing, operating, and continuously improving Systems, Storage, Database, and/or Tools Infrastructure. Focuses on architecting, building, deploying, and stabilizing code, services, systems, and tools. Drives standardization and service focused instrumentation. Provides subject matter expertise. Resolves break/fix scenarios, engaging broader teams as necessary; and partners/leads vendors and regions to achieve continuous improvement. Acts as a technical expert in own area within the organization. May work independently or as part of a team on more complex projects. Provides mentoring and guidance to more junior team members. May be responsible for leading a team, but does not directly manage people.

Core Responsibilities
•Develops solutions for very complex and wide reaching systems engineering problems. Sets new policies and procedures to handle future issues. Creates systems engineering and architectural documentation to be used by others to build and maintain systems.
•Database Platform Management responsibilities (if applicable): Masters understanding of database concepts, availability, performance, usage and configuration. Sets up, troubleshoots, and tunes complex standard and non-standard replication. Uses knowledge of existing database platforms to evaluate and recommend new technologies. Uses database knowledge to solve issues on unfamiliar products. Creates and maintains database policies, standards, and overall documentation including availability, replication, availability, and backup and recovery policy, service level agreement, baseline architecture, change management, access to production, unsupported HW/SW, security and audit violations, and risk acceptance.
•Utilizes time management and project management skills to lead the resolution of issues in a timely and organized manner, effectively communicating necessary information. May consult directly with clients or third party vendors; provides subject matter expertise.
•Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.
•Consistent exercise of independent judgment and discretion in matters of significance.
•Regular, consistent and punctual attendance. Must be able to work nights and weekends, variable schedule(s) as necessary.

Required Skills
•SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 & 2012
•Performance tuning, SQL Profiler
•High Availability Solutions: Replication topologies
•Disaster Recovery: Mirroring, Log-shipping
•Backup and Recovery
•Applies advanced DBMS methodologies in one or more application and engineering areas.
•Contributes to the development of new principles & concepts.
•Expert knowledge of company & organization policies, practices & procedures
•Expert knowledge of business operations and supporting interface systems
•Expert knowledge & application of process design and redesign skills
•Expert knowledge & application of project management skills
•Expert knowledge of client /server technology
•Expert knowledge of DBMS concepts, skills and their application along with architecture and design
•Willingness and aptitude to learn and deploy new technologies
•Experience with SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 & 2012 architecture and system objects.
•Experience developing and implementing DTS and SSIS packages
•Experience using Query Analyzer, Profiler, and Execution Plans
•Experience with Windows Performance Monitor
•Experience with database security assessment tools
•Exposure to physical database design, performance tuning, security roles, SQL Server best practices, etc.
•Experience with implementing disaster-recovery techniques, implementing and maintaining high availability solutions
•Must be organized, proactive, detail-oriented, self-motivated, disciplined, professional, and a team player
•MCDBA and Power shell, VB scripting and .net a plus
•Must be able to handle multiple tasks at one time, in a fast paced office environment handling multiple demands
•Must be organized, detail-oriented, self-motivated, disciplined, professional, and a team player

•At least 8 years of extensive experience in database performance and capacity management
•10 or more years directly related database experience
•Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent
•Field of Study: Computer Science

About Sage
Sage has been a leader in the health care managed services and operations for clients and insurance companies who have shared financial risk and managed quality of care since 1998. We represent the provider community while recognizing the needs of insurance-based products and benefits. Our existing clients have used our services to thrive in the real-world of managed capitation and bonus attainment for 15 years. Unlike many just coming into this new sphere of ACOs, we aren't learning the business, we are living in the business.

Email resume to Cathie_Holmgaard@UseSage.com or see job posting at http://www.careerbuilder.com/JobSeeker/Jobs/JobDetails.aspx?Job_DID=JHT6W86RFP4P9T9YD8K

Joshua Perry


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