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nancharaiah CHOWDARY
nancharaiah CHOWDARY
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1. How to provide security for the configuration file (xml package configuration file)?
2. Different approaches of deployment of package in ssis?
3. Three tasks are running in your package and 2 tasks are successfully executed and third task is failed, in this situation I need to rollback 2nd and 3rd tasks, so what can u do in SSIS package and sqlserver?
4. There are 10 records in a flat file source, among them 9 will be executed successfully and 10th record is failed, in this scenario I need to get all 10 records source level to target level, in target level then 10th record failure error will be displayed, what I need to do?
5. Explain the dynamic behavior of your project?
6. Explain the validations of a package at runtime?
7. What are isolations in SSIS, and where u can use this?
8. What is optimizing a packages?
9. Tell me one complex packages in your project?(which task mostly we are used)
10. What is linked server?
11. I created one package with some file. I have diff servers having that package with diff configuration file. Is possible to execute that package in servers simultaneously?
15. What is incremental loading and decremental loading?
16. Microsoft office 2007 excel sheet supported by sql server 2005 or not?
17. What is the difference between file system and sql server ( at the time of deployment)?
I have one package in d(d drive) folder I want move that package in to e(e drive) folder how to move the package?
18. I have table like this
Sno Sname
1,2 Sreenivas
3,4 Reddy
5,6 Raja
7,8 Reddy
I want like the following table
Sno Sname
1 Sreenivas
2 Sreenivas
3 Reddy
4 Reddy
5 Raja
6 Raja
7 Reddy
8 reddy

19.I have one package that package scheduled by daily 6 am but the job is failed at Saturday then what I need to do?(where we go how to resolve)
21. What is parallel execution in ssis?
22. What type errors occurred commonly in your project and what are those names?
24. I have one package and that package is already scheduled is it possible to apply the transaction for that package?
25.suppose I have one folder with 5 file text files by using for each file enumerator we store the files in to one folder but suddenly tomorrow one file add to that folder how to store the file into same destination?
26. in source table data having like this
Eno Ename Esloc Deptno
1 Sreenu Hyd 10,20,30,40,50

I want like this
Eno Ename Esloc Deptno
1 Sreenu Hyd 10
1 Sreenu Hyd 20
1 Sreenu Hyd 30
1 Sreenu Hyd 40
1 Sreenu Hyd 50
How to do this?
27. Suppose I have one destination table with some data suddenly 2 excel files data want to insert into the destination table but how to know this data is already inserted into the destination and only new data is inserted into the destination?
28. Why we are using xml file configuration file?
29. How to access and execute the packages clients?
30. In ssis package I created a data ware house by using slowly change dimension.
Cadd Status
Sreenu Bangalore True
Sreenu Hyderabad False
Sreenu Kadapa False
Sreenu Badvel False
Sreenu Pml false
From the above how to know second row?
31. What is smtp server and what is the main purpose?
32. In my source table having 1000 records from that I want move 10 to 990 rows then what I need to do?
33. I have two sources with two tables and one table is having data and another table having conditions how to use the conditions in the table?
34. I have one ssis package. How to know the how much time take for executing this package and after improving the performance how to see the time?
35. I developed one package how to know the whether the package having data or not?
36, I have one parent, child package in case the errors found child package how to handle that errors?
36.in my sql server one package is there how to move that package into some other server?
37. How to Concat row data through ssis?
Ename EmpNo
Stev 100
Methew 100
John 101
Tom 101

Ename EmpNo
Stev methew 100
John tom 101

38. How to send Unique (Distinct) records into One target and duplicates into another tatget?
Ename EmpNo
Stev 100
Stev 100
John 101
Mathew 102

Ename EmpNo
Stev 100
John 101
Mathew 102

Ename EmpNo
Stev 100

38. How do u populate 1st record to 1st target , 2nd record to 2nd target ,3rd record to 3rd target and 4th record to 1st target through ssis?
39. We have a target source table containing 3 columns :
Col1, Col2 and Col3. There is only 1 row in the table as follows:

a b c
There is target table containg only 1 column Col. Design a mapping so that the target table contains 3 rows as follows:

40. There is a source table that contains duplicate rows.Design a mapping to load all the unique rows in 1 target while all the duplicate rows (only 1 occurence) in another target.
There is a source table containing 2 columns Col1 and Col2 with data as follows:

Col1 Col2
a l
b p
a m
a n
b q
x y

Design a mapping to load a target table with following values from the above mentioned source:

Col1 Col2
a l,m,n
b p,q
x y
Design an ssis package to load first half records to 1 target while other half records to a separate target.
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