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Help with OPENXML

Help with OPENXML

john 35827
john 35827
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Hi all

I am a bit of a newbie with openxml and need a little guidance from any kind OpenXML pro's out there !, I have an XML file to import into a set of tables on a regular basis and just need a little help in getting going .. a sample of my xml is

If any kind person could point in the right direction of say importing the booking agent area I am sure I can figure the rest out

thanking you all greatly in advance :o)


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?
><my:Handoff xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"
xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.evolvi.biz EVO_Handoff.xsd"
<Agency Ref="9873" ExternalRef="Wayte"/>
<ImmediateDetail OrderItemRef="25388514" TransactionType="Issue"

TransactionDate="2013-06-21T13:50:00" MachineType="30" MachineNumber="0791" CurrencyCode="GBP" PersonalCCUsed="false" FulfilmentType="Other">
<Account Ref="28422" ExternalRef="0003" Type="Conventional" Period="FourWeekly" Immediate="true" EvolviInvoice="false" EvolviPayment="false" EvolviFinancial="false"/>

Ref="60703" ExternalRef="HG" BranchExternalRef="01" Unit="Stoke">
<Person FirstName="HAZEL" LastName="GARNER" Title="MRS"/>
<Email Address="hazel@waytetravel.co.uk"/>

<TicketingAgent Ref="60703" ExternalRef="HG" BranchExternalRef="01" Unit="Wayte Travel Management"/>

<PassengerGroup LeadRef="59392156">
<Passenger Ref="59392156" AdultChild="Adult">
<Person FirstName="T" LastName="POVEY" Title="MR"/>
<CustomField Code="1" Label="Purchase Order" Value="4501221551"/>
<CustomField Code="2" Label="Cost Centre" Value="128050"/>
<CustomField Code="3" Label="File Number" Value="50809"/>


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