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Server Hardware and Performance

Server Hardware and Performance

Ed Wagner
Ed Wagner
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Has anyone heard of using VeloBit to improve SQL Server performance? One of our domain administrators came across this one day and asked me if we would benefit from having it on our SQL Servers. It's a relatively low-cost add that, quite simply, seems too good to be true. Their site is http://www.velobit.com/applications/databases/sql-server/.

The device claims to use caching to boost SQL Server performance by routing disk I/O to their solid state drive instead of the physical disk. I am not a SAN expert and we can't afford solid state drives for all our data and log files. Of course, without seeing any downside to it, I remember the old adage "If something looks too good to be true, it probably isn't true". I would like some opinions on what others think about it.

Here's our current SAN configuration:
It's an HP4300 with 15K spin drives
The total capacity is currently 7 TB
It has 4 GB controller cache
The connection is 2 GB copper from SQL Server to the SAN

We have a few SQL Servers, but here's the one we're considering:
SQL Server 2008 SP3
2 4-core HT CPUs with 144 GB RAM each

I already know we're lacking good design in many locations. That's a separate area that's being addressed...slowly.
I'm not looking at having this replace any existing tuning or optimization efforts, but am looking for some feedback from anyone who either knows about the product or sees something in their product that I don't.

Thanks very much.

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