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A Perfect Solution to Resolve SQL Server Error 211

SQL Server Schema is basically a collection of SQL Objects that includes the tables, related columns, its entries, or other components. Due to this, it becomes easy for a user to access the database in the more reliable and effective way. However, there are some situations such as destruction in the schema due to which different type of errors occurs in SQL Server. This can also lead to corruption in structure or other components of the database. Among all one such error is SQL Server 211 that occur whenever there is an update in SQL Server table or when there is a corruption in SQL Server Schema. Thus, in the following section, all possible reasons for corruption in the server Schema with possible solutions to resolve this error is covered.

Error Message:

An error can occur in SQL Server in many different ways. For example,

  • Error: 211, Severity: 23, State: 51.
    Possible schema corruption. Run DBCC CHECKCATALOG
  • Msg 211, Level 23, State 157, Line 1
    Possible schema corruption. Run DBCC CHECKCATALOG.

This type of error message generally occurs when a user tries to update a table in the database and in between the schema corruption occurs. Moreover, this error mainly occur in SQL Server 2005 and later versions. However, due to this SQL Server error 211, one is not able to open any SQL Server table.

Causes of SQL Server Error 211

The schema corruption in SQL Server database occurs very rarely. However, when this error occurs, one must have to check for the main reason behind the occurrence of this error, either through SQL error Log files or through some other source.

Therefore, all the major reasons due to which schema gets corrupted are listed below:

  • One of the major issues behind corruption is hardware failure
  • Software failure sometimes also leads to corruption in Schema
  • It can be due to any improper computer activities by server users

Manual Methods to Resolve SQL Server Error 211

There are many different manual solutions available to resolve this error. One can try any of them to fix the schema corruption that is present within the server. Thus, all possible solutions to resolve this error are:

  • Restoring the backup file of the database is one of a preferable solution to resolve this error. Now, to do the same follow the situations mentioned below:
    1. In the case of backup of the transaction log, a user can take a backup of tail-log. After that one can restore the backup completely including all transaction logs, which are ending with tail-log backup. In this case, there will be no loss of data.
    2. In the case of no transaction log backup, one can create a new database and try to import as much data as possible. However, if the user is able to identify the culprit table, then drop that particular table & create it again.
  • Another possible solution to resolve SQL Server error 211 is that a user can try is restore the complete MDF database file and deploy the database again.
  • If any of the above does not work perfectly then, in last a user can run the DBCC CHECKCATALOG command on the server screen.

After executing this DBCC command an error is displayed. However, there are some exceptions that might encounter while executing the Transact-SQL statement with dedicated Schema.

A user will possibly get some suitable suggestion from SQL server database after executing DBCC CHECKCATALOG syntax. This will let users identifying the location and reason behind the occurrence of SQL server error 211.

Effortless Solution to Remove SQL Server Corruption

Most of the times it can be possible that manual method to resolve SQL Server error 211 is failed. Apart from this, the manual procedure is a very time consuming and complex to use. Therefore, to have a trouble-free solution, a user can go for a third party solution i.e. SQL Recovery Tool. This software removes all type of corruption from SQL Server database file in an easy and simple way. One can use this tool without any hassle as the software provides an easy user interface.


SQL Server error 211 is the type of error due to which a user is not able to open any table in SQL Server. Therefore, to remove this hurdle, we have discussed some manual tricks to resolve this error. One can try any of the above discussed manual ways to resolve this error. Apart from this, the best possible solution to remove the corruption from SQL Server Schema is a third-party tool i.e. SQL Server database recovery tool. The tool will remove all type of corruption from SQL Server database file in just a few clicks.

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