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Power BI Custom Visuals Class (Module 64 – Dot Plot MAQ Software)

In this module you will learn how to use the Dot Plot Custom Visual by MAQ Software.  The Dot Plot is used to show distribution using dots among multiple categories or attributes.

Module 64 – Dot Plot (MAQ Software)


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Posted in Devin Knight on 17 August 2017

Session Resources for: Visual Design Tips for Power BI & SSRS 2016+

Yesterday I did a session for Idera’s Geek Sync series called “Visual Design Tips for Power BI & SSRS 2016+”. In the session, I called out a bunch of resources that I had used to build me session. Here are the things I talked about and the and where to… Read more

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Posted in SQLvariant on 17 August 2017

I’m speaking: SQL Saturday Orlando (Oct 7th 17)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a SQL Saturday and I’m happy to be joining the folks in Orlando again this year. I spoke there a couple years ago and had a great time so I’m sure this will not disappoint.
If you happen to be headed to the… Read more

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Posted in Confessions of a Microsoft Addict on 16 August 2017

Analysis Services Series on SQLShack

Please visit SQLShack.com for new articles on many facets of SQL Server. I have been trying my best to document how to create SQL Server Analysis Service databases with Multidimensional Cubes as well as Tabular Models.

The start was a Best Practices article for Dimensional Modeling and other items that… Read more

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Posted in The Smiling DBA on 16 August 2017

Working with the registry from within SQL Server

There is a lot of information within the Windows registry. Sometimes, it would sure be nice to work with the registry within your T-SQL scripts. As it turns out, there are a bunch of undocumented extended stored procedures that do just this. A listing of these procedures are:

Regular Instance-Aware
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Posted in A Discussion of SQL Server-Related Topics on 16 August 2017

SQL Server – So you like to shrink do you?

If you do – shame on you and shame on me because I do.

Moving on, I found strange behaviour within SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) version 13.0.15900.1  Look at the following screen shot; do you know what the issue is here?

Are you curious? Please read on.

First thing… Read more

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Posted in All About SQL on 16 August 2017

Creating an SSIS project

Now that SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools) has been installed the next step is to create a project. First, open up Visual Studios 2015 or SQL Server Data Tools 2015 (SSDT is really just a set of modules added to Visual Studio).

Menu File -> New -> Project

Here we… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 16 August 2017

SQL Server vs Oracle: How to replace NULL values

It’s Wednesday and that means another SQL/Oracle post. Today we’ll be discussing NULL Values, which can sometimes be a real pain. Don’t worry though there’s a simple solution. Simply replace the NULL value with another.

Comparing a column with NULL and replacing with another value is really simple. There are… Read more

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Posted in Confessions of a Microsoft Addict on 16 August 2017

Attaching databases via a dockerfile

Last week I presented my session on SQL Server & Containers for the PASS Virtualization Group and during my prep I noticed that there’s some functionality available to Windows containers and not Linux containers.

One of the (if not the) main benefits of working with SQL in a container… Read more

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Posted in The DBA Who Came In From The Cold on 16 August 2017

Planning a SQL Server Backup and Restore strategy in a multi-server environment using PowerShell and T-SQL

This post demonstrates one of the ways to gather an inventory of database backup information. The output of the script includes various columns that show the internals of a database, backup size, and gives the latest completion statuses and the corresponding backup sizes. Though the output is derived from the… Read more

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Posted in PowerSQL By Prashanth Jayaram on 15 August 2017

Automatic Sample Sizes for Statistics Updates

I mentioned in my previous post about manually updating statistics that you can specify whether they’re updated using a full scan, or you can specify an amount of data to sample, either a percentage of the table size, or a fixed number of rows. You can also choose not to… Read more

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Posted in Matthew McGiffen DBA on 15 August 2017

Bad Parameter Sniffing Decision Flow Chart

Lots of people are confused by how to deal with bad parameter sniffing when it occurs. In an effort to help with this, I’m going to try to make a decision flow chart to walk you through the process. This is a rough, quite rough, first draft.

I would love… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 15 August 2017

Always Encrypted with Azure Key Vault

I recently wrote a post about using Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) with Azure Key Vault as an alternative to managing certificates. Today’s post will explore using SQL Server’s Always Encrypted functionality with Azure Key Vault. Always Encrypted, as with TDE, can use Windows certificates or what an external storage location… Read more

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Posted in Bradley Schacht on 15 August 2017

PASS Summit 2017

Don’t you want to go to the single largest collection of Microsoft Data Platform professionals and developers on the planet? Sure you do.

PASS Summit 2017 is coming up. Now is the time to register for this unique event.

This year I’ve been honored to be able to present a… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 14 August 2017

Using Merge–#SQLNewBlogger

Another post for me that is simple and hopefully serves as an example for people trying to get blogging as #SQLNewBloggers.

I was playing with some data, loading it into staging tables and then moving it to a real table. I typically have done this with T-SQL, writing efficient… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 14 August 2017

Randomness in Security Configuration

We were deploying a new web service. Because of the nature of the service, we wanted it to listen on a non-standard port. Security by obscurity doesn’t work against a real attacker or well-written malware. However, if someone was just attempting to check for a web server by doing the… Read more

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Posted in Databases – Infrastructure – Security on 14 August 2017

Installing the (currently) latest Data Tools

I’m working on a project right now and it’s going to require me not only to refresh my SSIS skills a bit but learn a few things that are only available with the latest tools. So everyone ready for a few SSIS posts? Good. Me too!

Step One and Post… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 14 August 2017

Fix for Blurry SSMS in Windows 10

I recently got a new laptop with Windows 10. I noticed SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS 17.1) was looking a bit blurry on my laptop screen. On another screen, it looked fine though. The cause for this is easy to find in the display settings. My primary screen is scaled… Read more

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Posted in Koen Verbeeck on 14 August 2017

Azure Cloud “Fear” Busting #4 – Losing Control?

So the decision to move to the cloud has been made but there is a fear from people that once it happens they will lose control of their job function. Does this sound familiar? DBA’s, you will be needed but expect some sort of change (That’s my opinion).

The way… Read more

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Posted in All About SQL on 14 August 2017

Monday Coffee: Time Off

Nice to be back after a week off. I’ve been writing three posts a week (sometimes more) since the beginning of the year so decided last week that I’d take a (albeit short) break.

It got me thinking about actual time off and how different people deal with taking a… Read more

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Posted in The DBA Who Came In From The Cold on 14 August 2017

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