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SQLPort in Coimbra

One more project can be finally revealed – on the 5th of May of 2015, SQLPort is invading the home base of the 10th eldest university in europe (Unesco World Heritage Site) – Coimbra. This will be an epic 66th…

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Posted in Niko's blog on 24 April 2015

ETL #71–Your data can mysteriously disappear after a WHERE clause was added (1)

Validations at end of ETL indicate missing data

At the end of each ETL job, I always run some sort of validation process to give me an indication that the data loading and processing are as expected or things have gone terribly wrong. The latter happened last Thursday when I… Read more

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Posted in Sherry Li's BI Corner on 24 April 2015

How to post a T-SQL question on a public forum

If you want to have faster turnaround on your forum questions, you will need to provide enough information to the forum users in order to answer your question.

In particular, talking about T-SQL questions, there are three things that your question must include:

  1. Table scripts
  2. Sample data
  3. Expected output

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Posted in SpaghettiDBA on 24 April 2015

Somebody Doesn’t Like You, and That’s Good

Everybody wants to be liked, to some extent. Being disliked by others feels like a deficiency, a shortcoming in oneself that must be fixed. It feels like a failure that you’ve let someone down, or even worse, it can make you feel like you’re somehow broken or deficient.

I would… Read more

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Posted in Tim Mitchell on 24 April 2015

Window Server 2008 Failover Clustering Logs

In Windows 2003 failover clustering, Cluster nodes continuously putting details in log file on each node. This log is in readable plain text format & located in %SystemRoot%\Cluster folder on each node in the cluster and the name of the file is CLUSTER.LOG.

In Windows 2008, One of the major… Read more

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Posted in MSSQLFUN on 24 April 2015

Availability Group WSFC Failovers During VM Movement

If you experience a WSFC failover during a VMware vMotion / Hyper-V Live Migration with your virtualized SQL Servers when using Availability Groups, you might have server and/or networking hardware that takes a bit longer than usual to handle the network port failover. This can lead to short unexpected outages… Read more

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Posted in Technobabble by Klee from @kleegeek on 23 April 2015

PASS Board Update: April 2015

It’s been a pretty interesting month on the board.

First, we did have a little problem. I’m sure one or two of you may have noticed that the SQL Saturday web site was down for a moment. Well, three days. Joking aside, this was a serious problem, but my… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 23 April 2015

Ruminations on Writing Great T-SQL

Today we’re going to try to extend some advice that I once heard from SQL MVP Jeff Moden, which I wrote about in my previous blog entitled “Make it Work, Make it Fast, Make it Pretty.”  That advice was just as pertinent then as it is now,… Read more

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Posted in DwainCSQL on 23 April 2015

SQL Sentry Pro Explorer is worth it...

I'll post more later, but after a full day of query tuning on a difficult view, I'd definitely say the cost for PRO is worth it. I'm a fan of sql sentry (free), and decided recently to push for a license at work on this tool.

Turns out it was… Read more

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Posted in BIT Barbarian on 22 April 2015

Instances and Ports with PowerShell

Just a quick post and a day late for #SQLNewBlogger There are some excellent posts on that hashtag and I recommend that you read them

When you know a server name but not the name of the instances or the ports that they are using this function will be of… Read more

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Posted in SQL DBA With A Beard on 22 April 2015

How Many SQL Log Files Do You Keep?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Ever have this happen?

You (on vacation): I’ll have another piña colada please. Yes, in the coconut. Thanks! Hmm, my phone is ringing…..Hello?

Work: There are problems! The database is messing up and being really slow!

: Well, email me the latest log file from SQL… Read more

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Posted in WaterOx SQL on 22 April 2015

Optimizing the Modern Data Platform with SQL Server 2014

Join Jason Strate and Pragmatic Works in Minneapolis on May 7. Learn about Optimizing the Modern Data Platform with SQ Server 2014. Register here.

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 22 April 2015

Overview of Published Articles – 2015Q1

Here is an overview of the articles I published in the first quarter of 2015.


This will probably be my last article for Intense School for a while.


But on the other hand, I’ve doubled my efforts for… Read more

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Posted in Koen Verbeeck on 22 April 2015

Backup before you restore

You should always be recoverable. If you haven’t heard that before, take note of it. It’s important.

A while back I wrote about Operational Recovery. This is when there isn’t a disaster but you still need to restore some or all of a database. Someone forgot the WHERE clause… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 22 April 2015

Make Sure to Schedule Your SQL Server Replication Jobs

You setup SQL Server Replication and everything looks fine. Rows are flowing between the servers and you think you’re done.

Right? Wrong..

At some point in time, your replication jobs will stop (some replication failure, stop for maintenance, etc..). Once that happens, will they start working again?

When you… Read more

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Posted in Matan Yungman on 22 April 2015

How Do Blind People Use SQL Server?


I can just see people skimming that and doing a knee-jerk reaction, “What a cruel and mean title! You should be ashamed of yourself for even discussing such a topic! You should be blacklisted and publicly shamed immediately on social media!”

Bring it.

There was a point at some… Read more

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Posted in Todd Kleinhans on 22 April 2015

Outlier Detection with SQL Server, part 6.1: Visual Outlier Detection with Reporting Services

 By Steve Bolton

…………Most of the previous articles in this self-tutorials on using SQL Server to find outliers required us to implement statistical formulas, in order to derive measures that required some explanation before they could be interpreted correctly. In this segment of the series, we’ll be discussing a… Read more

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Posted in Multidimensional Mayhem on 21 April 2015

What Permissions do I need to generate a deploy script with SSDT?

It is sometimes useful to be able to use sqlpackage.exe to create a script that can be deployed manually or still automatically but at a later date plus you may not want to give the user or process that does this sysadmin permissions just so that it can generate a…

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Posted in Ed Elliott's Sql Developer Blog on 21 April 2015

Excel Tip #25: Overlaying Charts

As I mentioned in my original post, Exploring Excel 2013 as Microsoft’s BI Client, I will be posting tips regularly about using Excel 2013 and later.  Much of the content will be a result of my daily interactions with business users and other BI devs.  In order to not… Read more

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 21 April 2015

Speaking at IT/Dev Connections

I am very happy to announce that I will be presenting two sessions at this year’s IT/Dev Connections conference in Las Vegas! The conference is held September 14-17th at the ARIA Resort. My two sessions are:

Handle with Care: Virtual SQL Servers

Maintaining the performance of a mission-critical SQL Server… Read more

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Posted in Technobabble by Klee from @kleegeek on 21 April 2015

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