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Columnstore Indexes – part 58 (“String Predicate Pushdown”)

Continuation from the previous 57 parts, the whole series can be found at I have previously blogged on the predicate pushdown matter in the post Columnstore Indexes – part 49 (“Data Types & Predicate Pushdown”), and from the published…

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Posted in Niko's blog on 5 July 2015

Announcing Columnstore Indexes Script Library

Today, the 3rd of July 2015 marks the 2rd anniversary of my very first Columnstore Indexes blog post in the series that is going strong for 60 different posts (57 traditional + 3 azure-focused ones) since then. On this day,…

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Posted in Niko's blog on 5 July 2015

How to Run DBCC CHECKDB to Check SQL Database Integrity

Database Console Command CHECKDB (DBCC CHECKDB)is used to check the integrity (physical & logical) of objects in a SQL Server database.The command is supported in databases that contain memory-optimized tables but the validation is only supported in disk-based tables. The DBCC repair option is unavailable in memory-optimized tables and therefore,… Read more

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Posted in Zora's SQL Tips on 4 July 2015

010 – Ayman El-Ghazali - WaterOx Consulting

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The community makes it all happen! In WOxPod!, episode # 009 –...

The post 010 – Ayman El-Ghazali appeared first on WaterOx Consulting.

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Posted in WaterOx SQL on 3 July 2015

Speaker of the Month: June 2015

With my travel schedule, I don’t always get out to events where I can see a community speaker. Sometimes, I just see pros. That’s the case this month. Instead of skipping the month entirely, which feels wrong, I’ve decided to do a special award.

Speaker of the Month for June… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 3 July 2015

Speaking engagements for August and September

August and September are going to be some busy weeks!
In those two months I will be speaking on three SQLSaturday events:

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Posted in DotNine SQL Server and more on 3 July 2015

How to drop a Temporal Table

No no, I didn’t say temporary, but temporal! SQL Server 2016 introduces a great new feature called Temporal Tables. Or in other words, system-versioned tables. We’ll see what catches on. In a gist, such a table keeps track of the history of its rows by the use… Read more

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Posted in Koen Verbeeck on 3 July 2015

Making Changes to Many Forms In Access

Although generally I prefer to create custom interfaces for my databases using fully developed programming languages like Python or C#. I prefer to have full access to their computational capabilities and in particular their graphing even when the initial plan … Continue reading

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Posted in SQLWise on 3 July 2015

I’m Speaking! Omaha SQL Server/BI User Group

Well, it has finally happened. In the 7+ years that I helped to run the Omaha SQL/BI User Group, I never once gave a presentation of my own.  Of course I spoke, but it was usually about house keeping items for the group or helping to facilitate a “Bring Us… Read more

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Posted in John Morehouse | on 2 July 2015

SQLVacation Slides and Scripts

First came the in-person roadtrip.

That Kline family won’t be nearly as good at this as us Griswolds!

Two weeks riding the highways from Nashville, TN to Chicago, IL to St. Louis, MO and back.

One thousand four hundred miles in a minivan with my wife and four daughters.

Eight… Read more

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Posted in Kevin E. Kline on 2 July 2015

Defining Foreign Keys at Table Create Time

Another post for me that is simple and hopefully serves as an example for people trying to get blogging as #SQLNewBloggers.

How many of you can define a foreign key when you create the table? Probably a few of you, but I bet most of you are like me… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 2 July 2015

Professional Development – The Stradivarius of Teams

Originally appearing at

A world-class violinist was on campus for an artist-in-residence program. While at lunch he was discussing what he perceived to be the similarities between management and great music. Said the violinist, “I have glorious music, a splendid instrument, and an exquisite bow. All I need… Read more

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Posted in Kevin E. Kline on 2 July 2015

Moving SQLAndy to Project Nami

I’ve been hosting this blog on Azure for a while, running WordPress on top of MySQL. Works fine, gives me a reason to use Azure here and there to gain experience. No good reason to change. Still, why not?

Last night I loaded Project Nami, a port of WordPress… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 2 July 2015

Doing a Full Outer Join in Power Query

A while back a give a session at the element61 Microsoft Business Analytics Day, a free event where the capabilities of  the Microsoft BI platform is demonstrated alongside client testimonials. I gave a session called “Drilling across Analysis Services cubes using Power Query”, which talked about how you can use… Read more

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Posted in Koen Verbeeck on 2 July 2015

Microsoft MVP–A dream came true


Dear All,

Microsoft  Most Valuable Professional “ – MVP  is one of the prestigious tag. It is one of the dreams which came true today.

Today , I got the E-mail that I am an MVP in SQL SERVER. 

I am speechless but would like to… Read more

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Posted in Rajat Jaiswal-337252 on 2 July 2015

SQL Server Infernals – Circle 3: Shaky Typers

Choosing the right data type for your columns is first of all a design decision that has tremendous impact on the correctness of the database schema. It is not just about performance or space usage: the data type is the first constraint on your data and it decides what can… Read more

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Posted in SpaghettiDBA on 2 July 2015

Power BI Hands-On Workshop at PASS Global Summit

Please join me at the PASS Global Summit in Seattle for a half-day, 3-hour hands-on Power BI mini workshop. Bring your laptop and let’s build a real business intelligence (BI) solution using Power BI! In this deep-dive session, we build a complete solution.  You will need the Power BI Designer…

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Posted in SQL Server BI Blog on 2 July 2015

Database Drops in SQL 2012

In the previous article on this topic (which can be read here), I discussed the problem of having a database get dropped and the need to find out who dropped the database and when they dropped it.  In that article, I demonstrated how the information (at least some of it)… Read more

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Posted in SQL RNNR on 1 July 2015

Microsoft SQL Server MVP

Today I received an email notifying me that I have been awarded the Microsoft “MVP” award for my second year. An excerpt from Microsoft’s website states

“The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award is our way of saying thank you to exceptional, independent community leaders who share their passion, technical… Read more

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Posted in Tim Radney - Database Professional on 1 July 2015

How to Grant limited permissions to create views in another schema?

How to Grant limited permissions to create views in another schema?

In SQL Server 2005 and 2008R2 you can grant permissions at the schema level and, in fact, this is what you’ll need to do to give them the ability to create the views. 

This script below creates an example… Read more

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Posted in SQLSERVERS’dba on 1 July 2015

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