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Dates and Times in SQL Server: T-SQL functions to get the current date and time

We have come on quite a journey so far. SQL Server and Azure SQL Database provide date and time data types to help you design the best possible database. You can read more about that here: Dates and Times in SQL Server: DATETIME Dates and Times in SQL Server: SMALLDATETIME… Read more

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Posted in Born SQL with Randolph West on 25 April 2018

Thoughts and Lessons Learned From A Power BI Embedded POC

I worked on a Power BI embedded POC where a report with an in-memory Power BI model as the dataset was embedded into an application in an “app owns data” scenario. This means that the application handles all authentication and access, and users do not need to be… Read more

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Posted in Data Savvy on 25 April 2018

Benefits for Veterans

Wanted to share a few things I came across recently with regards to benefits for veterans:

  • You can get a printed VA card now by signing up via ID.me (ID.me also comes in handy for things like qualifying for incentives from car manufacturers). The card does not have your social…

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Posted in SQLAndy on 25 April 2018

Live, Learn, and Grow

Ever look back at old work and wonder what was I thinking when I did that? Or even better you mock and get disgusted over some code you stumble upon and then realize you wrote it?

Today is one of those days.

Lucky for me one of my clients is… Read more

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Posted in SQLEspresso on 25 April 2018

What is a DBA?

If you’ve worked in the data industry for more than few minutes then you’ve probably heard the phrase The DBA is dead or some variation on it. In fact, you’ve probably heard it more than once. It’s a common topic of conversation, for obvious reasons, and has been for a… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 25 April 2018

State of the Cloud Database: April 2018

It’s an exciting time to be a database professional. The technology is advancing quickly, large datasets are easier to handle than ever before, and the cloud is opening up new functionality and use cases that we couldn’t tackle before.

My fellow database professionals, I tell you today that the state…

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Posted in Bradley Schacht on 25 April 2018

Database Files Down The Wrong Path

I manage a few servers used to host SQL Instances for development and test purposes. Each of those instances hosts databases covering multiple environments. So I’ve got multiple servers, with multiple instances, with multiple environments.

It’s important that issues in those environments don’t block development tasks, or invalidate or block… Read more

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Posted in Matthew McGiffen DBA on 24 April 2018

SQL Saturday Dallas half-day precon: “Beginning Programming with Powershell”

On May 18 we will be presenting a half-day of PowerShell learnin', right before SQL Saturday Dallas! Read up and register now.

The post SQL Saturday Dallas half-day precon: “Beginning Programming with Powershell” appeared first on The MidnightDBA Star-Times.

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Posted in SQL Awesomesauce on 24 April 2018

Watching the Sands of Suggestion in #SQLPrompt

I enjoy themes, and when I ran across the SQL Prompt Treasure Island, I had to take a few minutes and go through it. I wrote about Code Snippet Code recently, and this post continues to move across the map.

Incredible Suggestions

The first thing that most people notice… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 24 April 2018

A rant about presentations

My company’s internal conference is in a couple of weeks, so this seems like a good time to have a quick rant about some presentation failings I’ve seen over the last year or so.

If you want to, or are planning to present at a conference (or even just a… Read more

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Posted in SQL In The Wild on 24 April 2018

dbachecks – Setting temporary configuration values

dbachecks has seen the light about two months ago. As I'm writing this blog post, the module counts with more than 2600 downloads just from the PowerShell gallery. The module has about 110 configurable checks that make our live easier! Today I will write about an option that I think… Read more

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Posted in Cláudio Silva on 24 April 2018

Azure SQL Database – A Copying “Gotcha”

Creating copies of your Azure SQL Database is a common and relatively simple process. You can issue a TSQL statement on the master database such as:


Now, I was looking at the following code.


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Posted in All About SQL on 24 April 2018

The Forgotten Fourth SQL Server Recovery Model

SQL Server recovery models define when database transactions are written to the transaction log.   Understanding these models is critical for backup and recovery purposes as well as for how their behaviors impact the performance of queries.

Today we’ll examine the differences between SQL Server’s three official recovery models as well… Read more

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Posted in Bert Wagner on 24 April 2018

How To Recondition Batteries

These days we are all looking for ways to save money and even to help the environment. If you came across this site you are most likely such a person and you already know how refurbishing old batteries can contribute to meeting these goals. Battery reconditioning is the act of…

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Posted in SQL Aloha on 24 April 2018

Get SQL server database size, location and volume info using DMVs

SELECT * FROM sys.master_files AS f 
CROSS APPLY sys.dm_os_volume_stats(f.database_id, f.file_id) v; 

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Posted in Mission: SQL Homeostasis on 23 April 2018

Power BI Custom Visuals Class (Module 100 – Flow Map)

In this module you will learn how to use the Flow Map. The Flow Map is useful for tracking direction movement on a map.

Module 100 – Flow Map


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Posted in Devin Knight on 23 April 2018

Presentation Tools

Let’s face it, the core of a presentation is you. Your knowledge and your ability to share that knowledge through whatever means you choose, slides, demos, sock puppets, whatever, is the primary tools you need to hone. Know what you know and be ready to acknowledge what you don’t. Put… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 23 April 2018

Command shell steps in SQL Agent jobs only process a single command.

I was working on a SQL Agent job recently that required a series of command shell commands. And it would not work. Days I spent fighting it. I eventually went to sqlhelp. And while no one was able to give me an easy answer directly, Randolph West ( Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 23 April 2018

How to Perform Database Hack-Attach

This blog demonstrates attaching a database on the SQL Server Instance which already has the same name database up and running.


Suppose, you got a hardware migration activity. The migration activity involves moving the databases from old hardware to new hardware. Let’s say the server got only one big… Read more

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Posted in SQL Geek on 23 April 2018

SQL Tuning: Finding statements for missing indexes

Missing indexes are an important part of the indexing strategy. I usually start with sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats to find both inefficient and unused indexes and then supplement with missing indexes.

The missing index DMVs are great but they’ve always been missing something.

What are they missing you ask? They currently tell… Read more

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Posted in Confessions of a Microsoft Addict on 20 April 2018

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