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How to Handle Dynamic Rowsets

Sometimes you have a stored procedure that returns a rowset, and you need to insert the rowset into a temporary table in order to perform additional processing. That’s easy, right? You can simply create a temporary table and then use the INSERT-EXECUTE statement in order to insert the rowset into… Read more

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Posted in Guy Glantser on 4 December 2014

The Modern Data Warehouse

The traditional data warehouse has served us well for many years, but new trends are causing it to break in four different ways: data growth, fast query expectations from users, non-relational/unstructured data, and cloud-born data.  How can you prevent this from happening?  Enter the modern data warehouse, which is… Read more

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Posted in James Serra's Blog on 3 December 2014

SSRS SharePoint Integrated Mode – Report Server URL

This is a short, but hopefully sweet post for someone, whom, like me, might have had to end up spending a few hours trying to find the Report Server URL for SSRS 2012 (or newer)  SharePoint integrated Mode. I found it in Microsoft documentation, but I don’t remember where, so… Read more

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Posted in Jared Zagelbaum's Blog on 3 December 2014

T-SQL Tricks – Customizing SSMS Templates with Parameters

I wrote briefly about templates in Management Studio (SSMS), and showed the default templates that come with SQL Server. I now want to customize some of the templates in a way that makes sense for me.

If I grab a script I use often, like this one, I can make… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 3 December 2014

On Perspective

Perspective can make or break a career.  Maintaining a proper perspective is very often the differentiating factor between a good technologist and an incredible one.

In my 15-ish years in IT, I’ve said a lot of dumb things.  Many of them I’ve forgotten, but I can’t shake the memory of… Read more

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Posted in Tim Mitchell on 3 December 2014


INSERT INTO SELECT and SELECT INTO may be very similar commands but they have some important differences. Every now and again I see people getting confused by the similarities and missing the differences. So here is a quick check list.

  • They look similar (I think this one throws people…

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Posted in SQLStudies on 3 December 2014

Create your own SQL Tools with PowerShell and Windows Forms


Check out a new blogger who is sharing secrets of the DBA world. In his first post, James shows us how to create your very own SQL tool using PowerShell and Windows Form.

Originally posted on JamesDataTechQ:

By combining PowerShell and Windows Forms you can create your…

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 3 December 2014

Clustered Columnstore Indexes – part 45 (“Multi-Dimensional Clustering”)

Continuation from the previous 44 parts, starting from I have blogged a couple times (part 29 – “Data Loading for Better Segment Elimination”, part 34 – “Deleted Segments Elimination” ) about the importance of the Segment Elimination, I have…

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Posted in Niko's blog on 2 December 2014

Preparing a Technical Session Part 1: Picking a Topic

So you’ve decided or perhaps were told to do a technical presentation. If this is something that’s new for you then you may be going through a variety of emotions. You may start excited in anticipation of the event but quickly that changes to anxiety when you realize all the… Read more

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Posted in Devin Knight on 2 December 2014

Review: Ghost of My Father

I finished reading Ghost of My Father by Scott Berkun over the holiday weekend. It’s an intense read about the authors relationship with his father and the impact his father had on the entire family through behavior ranging from affairs to indifference to put downs. It’s about the part of… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 2 December 2014

More Notes From The PASSWatch Project And Thoughts on Transparency

It’s been just over two months since I wrote the first post for PASSWatch. I’m trying hard to keep PASSWatch a “pure” source so I’m posting my  notes on it here (and will include the link in the weekly summary of course). I can boil the lessons learned down to… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 2 December 2014

Get Information on Current Traces Running

This is just a quick informational query to save as a snippet to get some quick information on running traces, and provide the stop and close snippet quickly if you want to stop a server side trace you created.

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Posted in BIT Barbarian on 2 December 2014

T-SQL Tuesday #61 – Giving Back

The Season of Giving

The annual PASS Summit (otherwise known as the #SQLFamily reunion) is over. Here in the United States, we have just finished celebrating Thanksgiving, where the average person consumes more calories in two hours than what they need for a week. And we are entering the season… Read more

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Posted in A Discussion of SQL Server-Related Topics on 2 December 2014

SQL Server 20082008 R22012 || Remove Node from failover cluster

Steps to remove node from failover cluster for SQL Server 2008 onwards :-

Note :-

a) Same process will be used to remove node from failover cluster

b) Same process will be used when you left with only one node, this will clear cluster group as well

c) Old process… Read more

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Posted in MSSQLFUN on 2 December 2014

Creating Placeholder Files

I recently wrote about placeholders for disk space. While you can use any file, like large images, video, etc., I’ve found a really simple, easy way to build these files on Windows.


There’s a sysinternals utility called Contig. You can download it from Microsoft and then unzip it… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 1 December 2014


Back in March 2013 I wrote We Need A Place For SQLFamily News after the death of the spouse of a local chapter member. In April 2014 we had a former chapter member die and last week I ran across a post from a speaker I know about recovering from… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 1 December 2014

Exam Prep 70-463: Intro to Columnstore Indexes

This post is part of a series on this blog that will help me, and hopefully you, pass exam 70-463: Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012.  So far, we’ve covered:

SQL… Read more

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Posted in Cleveland DBA on 1 December 2014

Using a date or int column as the clustered index.

The other day I was answering a question about clustered indexes and it lead indirectly to a twitter conversation on whether a date or int column was better as a clustered index. My contention is that a date column (if it is appropriate and will be useful) is a better… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 1 December 2014

DBTA : Business Intelligence Enhancements in SQL Server 2014


Microsoft has been pouring R&D resourcesinto building out its business intelligence (BI) feature set and the upcoming SQL Server 2014 (SQL2014) release will continue that trend. The new release includes enhancements to make data exploration easier, improvements in BI semantic modeling, new offerings to help build and support massive Read more

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Posted in Kevin E. Kline on 1 December 2014

SSIS Parent-Child Architecture in Catalog Deployment Mode

This is the third in a series of posts about SSIS parent-child architecture.  You can find the index page here.

In my previous posts on SSIS parent-child package architecture, I described the benefits of the parent-child package design pattern and demonstrated the implementation of such a pattern in package… Read more

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Posted in Tim Mitchell on 1 December 2014

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